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Melka Capital looks to bring technological innovation to brick-and-mortar sales in Arizona

photo of Melka Capital
Proponents of Melka Capital contend the investment practice there underscores the importance of identifying opportunities to solve real-world problems. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)

Melka Capital plants Arizona flag in Scottsdale

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Melka Capital, led by the Danny Mikhail, is establishing a distinctive presence in the industry marked by resilience and a dedication to solving real-world problems, which highlights Melka Capital’s impact in both the tech and real estate sectors.

Originating from Detroit amid economic challenges, Mr. Mikhail’s inspiration stems from his immigrant parents, resilient entrepreneurs whose work ethic fueled his determination for success.

His success in establishing the booming fintech company Prolific in his early 20s marked his initial triumph, catching the attention of Alvarez & Marsal Capital, a $4.4 billion fund. Five years down the road, he achieved yet another successful exit with his second fintech venture, Zuza.

“With our recent exit from the POS industry, we saw the burden of using 10 different software and aimed to simplify with one comprehensive solution,” said Mr. Mikhail said in a prepared statement. “

Mr. Zuza eliminated extra costs for merchants, reflecting a commitment to impactful solutions and a personal connection to small business challenges through my parents’ entrepreneurial journey.”

Melka Capital’s investments underscore the importance of identifying opportunities to solve real-world problems. In addition to tech ventures, Mr. Mikhail’s passion for ethical real estate practices is evident in nationwide multifamily, self storage, retail, and industrial projects.

“I envision the firm as a partner to innovators, offering not just capital but also strategic guidance,” he said. “Our focus on family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and impactful startups, including my past ventures at Zuza and Prolific, demonstrates our commitment to fostering genuine, lasting relationships.”

Mr. Mikhail is the CEO and founder of Melka Capital, specializing in real estate investments, technology, and SaaS.

“In the next five years, I envision Melka Capital as a go-to hub for family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and financial institutions looking to grow their investments,” he said. “We’re equally committed to collaborating with industry-changing founders, offering capital and hands-on consulting, and fostering friendships to help them scale and achieve successful exits.”

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