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Manzana development poised to help shape new chapter of Roosevelt Arts District in downtown Phoenix

Lev Libeskind announces Manzana project part of Roosevelt Arts District
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Architect Lev Libeskind is redefining retail and residential spaces with his project Manzana, which proponents say seeks to elevate the Roosevelt Arts District — part of downtown Phoenix.

Spanning nearly 105,000-square feet and rising 83 feet with eight stories, Manzana is a striking composition of 68 residential units, 38 parking stalls, and a versatile mix of retail, and multifamily spaces. This project is set to break ground in early 2025, according to a press release.

The Manzana campus aims to bring to life a dynamic fusion of art, culture, and community, reflecting the diverse spirit of Phoenix, representatives of the project contend.

“With each project we take on, we aim to create a meaningful space that enhances the community around it,” Mr. Libeskind said in a prepared statement. “Honoring the urban context is crucial to making a building everyone enjoys and recognizes as a respectful contribution to the neighborhood.”

The overall architectural style draws inspiration from Phoenix’s mid-century history, blending historical charm with modern aesthetics, Mr. Libeskind points out.

Mexican wood elements in the design honor local cultural landmarks like the Xico-Latino & Indigenous Arts Organization, celebrating the rich Latino and Indigenous artistic presence in the neighborhood. The brick facade will pay tribute to the adjacent historic Knights of Pythias Building built in 1928.

Lev Libeskind announces Manzana project part of Roosevelt Arts District

Manzana will be more than just another building, proponents say as the brick-and-mortar seeks to appear woven into the rich artistic and cultural fabric of the Roosevelt Art District.

At ground level, Manzana unveils over 10,000 square-feet of retail space, inviting dynamic interaction with the community through a breezeway that bridges First Avenue and a vibrant alleyway.

This thoughtful design not only boosts the retail and restaurant experiences but also enriches the urban texture.

“People want to live in a place that is notable for its beauty and the community around it,” Mr. Libeskind said. “Manzana allows people to have both, contributing to the local culture of the Arts District for years to come.”

As a key player in the revitalization of downtown Phoenix, Mr. Libeskind and his team aim to make Manzana a landmark of urban renewal.

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