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Lifted Trucks and Kevin Costner team up for one-of-a-kind custom truck build

Lifted Trucks deliver customized pick-up trucks to Costner and son, Cayden
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

It’s not every day a beloved cinema and television star is on the other end of the line of a call for a new pick-up truck purchase — but that is exactly what happened recently at Arizona-based Lifted Trucks.

American cinema icon Kevin Costner, who is known the world over as the filmmaker behind hits like Dances with Wolves, Field of Dreams and most recently, the has been revered for his portrayal of John Dutton in the runaway television and streaming hit, Yellowstone.

So when Mr. Costner reached out to Lifted Trucks, the owners of the company took notice because, after all, it’s not everyday a beloved celebrity in the moment has heard of you.

The Digital Free Press reached out to James Pillor, co-owner of Lifted Trucks, to hear first-hand of the how the celebrity partnership came together — one that also includes Mr. Costner’s son Cayden — and the sweet hydraulic fruit of that labor that came to fruition.

This is what he had to say:

*What was the inspiration behind the custom truck you built for Kevin Costner?

Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast with a home near the beach and another one in the mountains where he likes to use his truck. Also, when he’s filming, he’s often in remote destinations where he needs a truck that can handle the rough terrain.

*Can you walk me through the design process and how you collaborated with Mr. Costner and his son to bring their vision to life?

This is where the fun started! It was important to learn about Kevin’s lifestyle and the things that he and Cayden like to do together. They mentioned that they love surfing, diving, and spearfishing, so we made sure to have racks installed for their boards and equipment. We also decided on the right high-performance lift, wheel and tire package to meet his needs whether he was driving around Southern California, on his ranch in Aspen, or on the set of his new project that he’s filming in Utah.

*What unique features or modifications did you incorporate into the trucks that set it apart from other custom trucks?

Quality, quality, quality! There are lots of different options when considering a lift package, but we only use the highest quality parts, that have been trail tested, and come with a lifetime warranty.

*How did you ensure that the truck met specific requirements and exceeded both of their expectations?

I think it all started with the process. We listened to their needs, customized a package, had them installed, and delivered it to their front door within a couple weeks!

*What was the initial reaction when they saw the finished product, and how did he express his satisfaction with the custom truck?

Kevin told us how excited he was when the trucks were delivered to his front door. He said that he immediately noticed the smile it put on Cayden’s face, and that in turn put a smile on his face! He said that he’s had a lot of cool things happen to him in his life, but this one really stood out!

*What can you tell us about the future of this collaboration and what it means for Lifted Trucks?

We are just excited that a guy as respected as Kevin Costner, with all the options he has for transportation, chose Lifted Trucks to partner with for his family’s vehicle needs and we can’t wait to work with him again!

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