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Keys to Change becomes new name of downtown Phoenix human services

photo of Keys to Change
Each entity now found at Keys to Change in downtown Phoenix will be identified by separate and distinct tag lines that reinforce the collaborative spirit and ultimate goals of the organization. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)
Officials: Keys to Change name better exemplifies pursuit of organization
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As the result of a year-long strategic rebranding process HSC, Inc. and Human Services Campus will be changing their names to ‘Keys to Change.’

HSC, Inc. the overarching nonprofit organization that owns and manages the Human Services Campus, will be known as Keys To Change, according to a press release.

The Human Services Campus, where 15 independent nonprofit organizations provide collaborative wrap-around services, will be called Key Campus, the release states.

“We’re changing only our names. Our mission, vision and commitment to those we serve and to ending homelessness continues on,” said Keys to Change CEO Amy Schwabenlender.

“The year-long process with a working group including an outside consultant, board and staff members, partners and clients explored a new name and brand identity that better reflected the energy and ambition of our goals and the breadth of services we provide both now and in the future.”

Each entity also will be identified by separate and distinct tag lines that reinforce the collaborative spirit and ultimate goals of the organization, Mr. Schwabenlender says. The tagline for Keys to Change will be Working Together. Ending Homelessness. The tagline for Key Campus will be Unlocking The Way Home.
Why the changes?

“We wanted new identities that captured our personality as a compassionate connector and our role as a strategic partner in a leadership role working to end homelessness,” Ms. Schwabenlender said. “We also wanted to smooth over confusion caused by having the same name for the campus location and for the organization while ensuring a strong connection between the two.”

In the coming months, the organization’s website and other materials will reflect the changes, officials there say.

“This has been a deeply creative and rewarding experience for all of us on the working committee and for the board of directors,” Ms. Schwabenlender. “We look forward to our exciting next chapter.”

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