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Low: six tips to success in the New Year

Photo of Jodi Low
Jodi Low is an author, internationally renowned corporate trainer, and inspirational speaker.
By Jodi Low | Point of View

In the fast-paced world we live in, it can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind, get lost in the trends and worry about the competition.

But in order to set yourself up for success – both personally and professionally – it’s important to do a few simple things that will align your business and your life as harmoniously as possible.

Following are six tips that every business professional, no matter their title or vertical of business, can implement in the New Year to achieve success:

  1. Block out your vacation time first. Make your self-care and time with family a top priority.
  2. Decide what three areas of your life you most want to improve (health, wealth, relationships etc). Set one measurable and actionable goal in each of those three areas — that’s it. More than that is too many.
  3. Create your “not-to-do” list. Think of this in two different ways; what are the actions or habits that are no longer serving you that you are committed to changing in the new year? OR what are the thoughts that you are thinking that are holding you back?
  4. Plan your personal and professional year separately. Oftentimes people want to tackle 1,000,000 different things but too much is simply too much. Try tackling personal and professional goals with two different mindsets not looking at them holistically where it can get overwhelming.
  5. Don’t wait for a New Year to make a change — and if you fail — don’t quit, simply restart.
  6. Create a routine, and build in some ‘flex.’ It’s not about being rigid and living by a boring routine taking the joy out of life. It is about creating patterns and habits that support your goals and your ultimate success.

Implement these for yourself, then share with your team to unify your mindset for 2023 and make it one of your best years yet.

For more tips on goal-setting, success, entrepreneurialism and leadership development, visit uandimproved.com.

Editor’s note: Ms. Low is an internationally renowned corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, the Founder & CEO of the award-winning leadership development company U & Improved and author of “From Me To U”, a book on life lessons, leadership and living your legacy.

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