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Greater Phoenix Chamber PAC announces endorsements for looming 2022 Arizona primary election

Photo of Arizona Legislature Chambers in downtown Phoenix
A unique perspective of the seats a part of the Arizona legislative chamber at the capitol. (File Photos/
Greater Phoenix Chamber makes political endorsements more than 40 years

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee is endorsing 38 candidates for the Arizona Legislature prior to the Aug. 2 primary election.

The Chamber PAC has supported business-friendly candidates in local and state races for over four decades, according to a press release.

“For over 40 years, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee has supported pro-business candidates for state and local offices regardless of political party affiliation,” explained Chamber PAC Chair John Moody, in a prepared statement.

“As the political climate becomes more divisive, having business-friendly lawmakers willing to collaborate to advance policies that will support a prosperous economy in the Greater Phoenix region and throughout the state of Arizona is more important than ever. After a thorough evaluation and deliberation process for the 2022 primary election cycle, we are pleased to endorse candidates who understand the issues impacting the success of businesses and the challenges of our current economic and policy climate.”

— John Moody

Todd Sanders, Greater Phoenix Chamber president and CEO, echoed a similar sentiment.

“Both the endorsement process and the PAC are critical to our mission of advocating for businesses and economic prosperity in the state of Arizona,” he said.

“The PAC Board evaluated many well-qualified candidates and chose to make primary election endorsements of those whose policies most closely aligned with the Chamber’s mission and vision. As the Phoenix economy continues to grow, we are proud to support candidates who understand critical issues affecting businesses today and those who have a clear idea of what it takes to build a stronger economic future for the state of Arizona.”

The Arizona Legislature at dusk. (File Photos/

Chamber PAC 2022 primary election endorsements:

District 1
Quang Nguyen (R), House

District 12
David Richardson (R), Senate
Terry Roe (R), House
Jim Chaston (R), House

District 24
Cesar Chavez (D), Senate

District 2
Steve Kaiser (R), Senate
Justin Wilmeth (R), House

District 13
J.D. Mesnard (R), Senate
Jennifer Pawlik (D), House
Ron Hardin (R), House

District 25
Sine Kerr (R), Senate
Tim Dunn (R), House
Joel John (R), House

District 3
John Kavanagh (R), Senate

District 16
T.J. Shope (R), Senate
Teresa Martinez (R), House

District 27
Kevin Payne (R), House
Ben Toma (R), House

District 4
Matthew Gress (R), House

District 17
Vince Leach (R), Senate

District 28
Frank Carroll (R), Senate

District 5
Lela Alston (D), Senate
Jennifer Longdon (D), House
Amish Shah (D), House

District 18
Morgan Abraham (D), Senate
Christopher Mathis (D), House

District 29
Joanne Osborne (R), Senate
Trey Terry (R), House

District 9
Tyler Pace (R), Senate

District 19
David Gowan (R), Senate
Gail Griffin (R), House

District 10
Russell “Rusty” Bowers (R), Senate

District 20
Alma Hernandez (D), House

District 11
Marcelino Quinonez (D), Senate
Wesley Leasy (D), House

District 22
Diego Espinoza (D), Senate
Lorenzo Sierra (D), House
Lupe Contreras (D), House

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