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From headlines to the stage, ‘The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd’ debuts at The Phoenix Theatre Company

‘The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd’ through March 2024 at Hardes Theatre
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Audiences will be transported back to the 1930s, exploring the life, trials and tribulations of the ‘Trunk Murderess’ with The Phoenix Theatre Company’s world premiere of “The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd.”

The show will run from Feb. 7 to March 17 in the Hardes Theatre, according to a press release.

Delving into the notorious saga of Winnie Ruth Judd, this controversial mystery centers around a woman scorned.

Winnie was charged with not only the murder of two women, Agnes Anne LeRoi and Hedvig Samuelson, in Phoenix, but also the transportation of their bodies to Los Angeles in a trunk.

Encompassing the trial as well as multiple escapes from a mental hospital, her case gained national attention, becoming one of Arizona’s most infamous figures due to its shocking nature.

With debates over Judd’s mental state, guilt, and the broader implications of her actions, her litigation was famously reenacted by a local Arizona radio station as it was underway.

“Even though the play is based on a very dark story, the play itself feels like a screwball comedy at times,” said Director Matthew Wiener. “No one should be afraid that they are going to a horror story. It’s a true crime story told with a 21st century sensibility. It’s very fun.”

The show offers a fresh take on a story steeped in intrigue and sensationalism.

The cast for “The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd” at The Phoenix Theatre Company includes Cathy Dresbach, Louis Farber, Jon Gentry, Marshall Glass, Megan Holcomb, Ron May, Racquel McKenzie, Emily Mohney, and Shad Willingham. The understudy cast includes Cynnita Agent, Brandon Caraco and Mitchell Glass.

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