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Arizona Police Officers Association host women’s self-defense workshop in Scottsdale

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The workshop mission is to empower attendees to be more assured and competent in the areas of public safety and personal self-defense. (File Photos/
APOA Scottsdale women’s self-defense workshop at The Clayton House
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Arizona Police Officers Association is hosting a FREE Women’s Public Safety and Self Defense Workshop at the Clayton House in Old Town Scottsdale from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Monday, June 26, at The Clayton House.

The Clayton House is at 3719 N. 75th St., across from the Scottsdale City Jail.

The workshop mission is to empower attendees to be more assured and competent in the areas of public safety and personal self-defense utilizing outside-of-the-box intelligence and tactics not normally taught in a standard self-defense class, proponents of the event report.

The U.S. Secret Service and Dignitary Protection Details consider an actual physical force encounter as a failure on their part as many layers of security were either not implemented or not properly addressed. This workshop is designed to minimize and ideally eliminate an actual physical encounter from even occurring.

During this workshop, attendees will learn to recognize where the most violent encounters occur and how to utilize many natural improvised weapons created by these environments.

Also, they will learn proven psychological tactics to make them appear to be hard targets and immediately change how they defend themselves and those they love. Hosts the event say attendees will learn about the fight or flight response that affects everyone and then learn how to manage this response to their advantage and to their predator’s disadvantage.

Reservations may be made at

APOA Scottsdale women’s self-defense workshop at The Clayton House

Instructors of this course, event proponents report, have thousands of hours of training citizens, law enforcement, police SWAT Teams and many Tier 1 military special operations groups both in and out of the United States. Instructor Durazo is an internationally recognized leader in Law Enforcement Training. He is the founder and director of training for Tacflow Academy and previously served as the director of training for Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s company Craft International.

Instructor Sloup is an AZPOST certified Firearms Instructor and SWAT team leader on a large regional SWAT Team.

Instructor Echiverri is a retired Scottsdale Police Watch Commander and AZPOST certified Instructor holding Lead Instructor positions in Use of Force, Police Defensive Tactics, Chemical Munitions and Less Lethal Munitions instruction. He is also a graduate of the FBI Hostage Negotiator School and Force Science De-Escalation School.

Reservations may be made at

Visit the website for information about the organization. The event is free, but the organization welcomes donations on its website to support its goals to provide needed equipment, training and emotional wellness help for our Arizona police officers.

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