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Arizona Digital Free Press offers innovative approaches to news web development
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Since the Arizona Digital Free Press was activated in the afternoon hours of Thursday, May 26, of last year, about 80,000 people have come to read about the communities of Scottsdale and the Town of Paradise Valley.

Of that number of readers taking the leap with the Arizona Digital Free Press some 25% are coming back and have stayed, creating what Free Press proponents say is the first digital saturation point to commence further growth into the heart of the Valley of the Sun.

Supported by the brilliant web design and execution at Phoenix Online Media, the Arizona Digital Free Press will be on time with digital expansion into Phoenix and will be introducing a new distinctive category coined, ‘Uniquely Phoenix.’

The Arizona Digital Free Press will be covering City Hall in Phoenix, July 1, 2023. But in the meantime representatives there wanted to help readers understand better how to navigate the burgeoning digital community resource.

  • The Arizona Digital Free Press is and always will be a free news service meant to forge a digital-only, sustainable news organization focused on expert reporting at City Hall, enterprise coverage of the business community — and help promote efforts trying to make the world a better place through Real Property & Homes.
  • There is a sophisticated search algorithm at play at the Arizona Digital Free Press that allows local readers to search for subject matter and delivers those results instantly and accurately. Each page has a set number of archived stories to appear and given the frequency of the content published — and speed of the 21st century news cycle — these search functions will grow in importance for all news sites and can be found atop the community pages at the Scottsdale Daily Beat and Free Press Paradise Valley.
  • The stunning modern menu option — the three lines at the right of any page at desktop or on mobile — offers a universal remote of sorts at the Arizona Digital Free Press where each pathway to categorized content can be both previewed and clicked into. Another key piece of the of the mega menu is the downloadable PDF whereas for the next several months readers will be delighted with the SUSD Showcase magazine to learn of the good work at the Scottsdale Unified School District.
  • A print product just for you at the Arizona Digital Free Press has been created for readers, the government officials we cover, and the public relations professionals that help fuel top-notch digital content keeping you informed on the various aspects of the world around you. Again, this comes from the brilliance by our web development partners at Phoenix Online Media. The Digital Free Press is considering a special Portable Document Format-only stories designed to be readable and enjoyable being printed on any home printer.

To remind of the pursuit at the Arizona Digital Free Press this is the effort’s promise to you:

  • To deliver unbiased City Hall reporting that matters to local residents;
  • To provide the Phoenix and Scottsdale business community a neutral source for information and commentary; and
  • To provide a digital content platform for local journalists to provide content and be paid a fee in addition to revenue generated from page views.

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