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Shoeleather Journalism
in the Digital Age

Digital Free Press launches in Scottsdale

Image of Phoenix journalist Terrance Thornton
Arizona Digital Free Press Founder Terrance Thornton is launching the Scottsdale Daily Beat, Arizona Digital Free Press and subsequent digital news properties later this summer. (Photo Illustration: Ariana Grainey/

Arizona Digital Free Press starts with focus at Scottsdale City Hall

Welcome to the Arizona Digital Free Press, an unbiased news organization focused on striving to report the truth no matter the outcome.

My name is Terrance Thornton and I started this news organization because I believe in truth, justice and the American way. There is no greater ambition in my estimation than to use the tenets of local journalism emboldened by the First Amendment to serve the public well.

I hope to first serve the communities of Scottsdale, Town of Paradise Valley and City of Phoenix with dignity and respect for all points of view.

The vision of this news enterprise is simple: To forge a digital-only, sustainable news organization focused on expert reporting at City Hall, enterprise coverage of the business community — and help promote efforts trying to make the world a better place through philanthropy.

The focus of this news organization is journalism. At the Digital Free Press we will not be advocates for issues, a purveyor of right or wrong but rather a company focused on seeking the truth no matter what. The Digital Free Press reports the local news you need to know.

The Mission Statement: A digital free press bound by three guiding principles, which are equitable access to information, honesty in all dealings internal and external, and the regular generation of local journalism that matters. The Arizona Digital Free Press has very humble beginnings but with hard work, determination and a no-quit attitude anything can be accomplished in the United States of America.

The Business Model: A free digital-only content platform focused on particular access to local journalism at City Hall and expert reporting and commentary regarding all things business. Providing a dual mission to highbrow City Hall and news coverage, a place for genuine, data-driven business and real estate reporting you can trust, and finally, a repository of market data and analysis every consumer ought to know.

The Arizona Digital Free Press is a three-pronged mission:

  • To deliver unbiased City Hall journalism that matters for local residents;
  • To Provide the Phoenix and Scottsdale business community a voice; and
  • To provide a digital content platform for local journalists to provide content and be paid a fee in addition to revenue generated from page views.

Arizona Digital Free Press Collective:
The Arizona Digital Free Press Collective is a true innovation in the business of digital news media. Instead of taking 100% of proceeds the Digital Free Press program provides a profit-share plan based on real time analytics. Similar to an artist allowing his or her music to be played, on a platform, the amount of activity garnered will translate into more revenue for the artist but in our case, the journalist.

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