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Coronado Promise: 1ON1 with Scottsdale Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel

Photo illustrating the potential effect of The Coronado Promise
On the record: The good of The Coronado Promise at Scottsdale Schools
By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

At the helm of the Scottsdale Unified School District is Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel who is leading the educational entity into the 21st century with a focus on the whole student as he or she moves through the levels of the public instruction in Scottsdale.

Dr. Menzel spoke with the Scottsdale Charros on the value and importance of The Coronado Promise and what it represents to the wider community. This is what he had to say:

*From your perspective, how is The Coronado Promise program serving to better the public education of students in Scottsdale?

SUSD is proud to offer a world-class, future-focused education to all students that prepares them for college, if they choose, and ultimately a career.  Our students are achieving at high levels, and we are dedicated to helping break down any barriers, real or perceived, that might make higher education feel out of reach.

The Coronado Promise is not only about providing tuition to college-bound students. It is a K-12 promise that prepares students for college and generates an early interest in college, so students recognize the very real opportunity that awaits.

*At Coronado High School, why is this program so vital to the future success of the school?

The success of the school is a byproduct of the community commitment and shared success of our students. Success looks different for different students, but The Coronado Promise opens minds and breaks down barriers for students who might not otherwise consider college.

*How can a promise to attend college, in this case for two years at a community college, help change the trajectory of students?

Our community partners who support The Coronado Promise are creating generational change in the community. Our hope is The Coronado Promise will help many first-generation college students/graduates create new pathways and overcome challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities to someday support others in their pursuits.

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