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Brenda Cochran tapped as clinical lead at Alliance Coaching and Counseling Group

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Brenda Cochran
Cochran takes role as Alliance Coaching and Counseling Group clinical director
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Alliance Coaching and Counseling Group has hired seasoned professional Brenda Cochran, who is a licensed clinical social worker, to serve as its new clinical director.

ACCG’s goal is to help clients reclaim mental, emotional and physical health, helping them find joy in living. The ACCG team provides innovative, lifespan, restorative, trauma-healing and resiliency-focused therapy, according to a press release.

Ms. Cochran will oversee all aspects of ACCG’s Trauma-Informed Care and Restorative Therapy program, which is a unique approach to helping individuals heal from the circumstances, situations and traumas that have impacted them, the release states.

Also, Ms. Cochran will oversee all of ACCG’s restorative therapists who are known for creating a space for their clients to feel physically, emotionally and culturally safe. This collaborative approach to therapy allows individuals to feel empowered in their treatment, facilitating true healing where the individual shares in decision making that honors their dignity and provides transparency in all aspects of the process.

“ACCG is rapidly growing due to the demand for mental health, trauma and wellness services,” said ACCG co-founder Kristi Estrada. “Brenda is a key addition to our team, and we will certainly benefit from her proven leadership skills and her trauma, addiction and mental illness treatment background.”

Previously, Ms. Cochran served as the director of counseling at Pure Heart Church in Glendale.

At that clinical post, Ms. Cochran provided oversight to a clinical team that specialized in trauma, addiction and mental illness. She collaborated with one of the largest outpatient addiction treatment centers in Phoenix and opened an outpatient addiction clinic on the property of Pure Heart Church, focusing on trauma-focused, whole-person, outpatient addiction services.

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