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Ben Buskirk of Phoenix wins ‘Outstanding Senior’ award from Westmont College Biology Department

Photo of Ben Buskirk
Ben Buskirk
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Ben Buskirk of Phoenix won the Outstanding Senior Award from the Westmont College Biology Department during a special convocation April 22.

“Ben Buskirk is exemplary of a thoughtful academic. He integrates interdisciplinary knowledge and expresses deep appreciation for the Lord’s creation. As an Augustinian Scholar, Ben has a profound understanding of humanity and, simultaneously, a passion for natural science as a Biology Major,” his biology professor said.

“He seamlessly integrates these disciplines and often inspires his peers and professors with his well-considered ideas. Ben’s passion for biology is evident; several faculty members in the department were impressed by Ben’s active involvement in a variety of courses.

In addition, Ben participated in a 10-week summer research program and shared his experiences about exploring the meaning of integrating faith with science in the Departmental Chapel. His sharing was inspirational and beautiful. In every aspect, Ben is an exceptional scholar who truly deserves recognition as one of the Outstanding Seniors in Biology.”

Mr. Buskirk, an Augustinian Scholar, graduated from Westmont during Commencement on May 4.


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