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Be healthy to stay healthy, the Next Gen Healthcare solution

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As the presenting sponsor of the Tour de Scottsdale, HonorHealth continues to encourage residents to get out and stay active. (Photos courtesy of HonorHealth/Getty Images)

Next Gen Healthcare solution blossoms at HonorHealth

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When most people think of healthcare, they imagine a spectrum of medical professionals who care for the sick or injured.

While that is one important role that healthcare plays in our community, HonorHealth is thinking outside traditional expectations by launching proactive initiatives to help people live better and longer.

“The next generation of healthcare is about providing education, support and leadership beyond hospital and clinic walls to help our residents remain active, healthy and happy, and we are honored to take the lead on this industry-changing initiative,” said Todd LaPorte, HonorHealth CEO.

“For nearly 100 years, we have provided world-class care to our patients, and while that will always be our focus, we are committing to playing a larger role, before people get sick and need our services, to help everyone live the best lives they can.”

The Blue Zones Project Scottsdale

Blue Zones Project Scottsdale is based on research and principles developed by studying cultures of the world, or blue zones, with the healthiest, longest-living populations.

It seeks to improve the overall well-being of residents and looks to impact not just physical health, but social, financial, mental and community health. Higher well-being leads to lower healthcare costs, higher productivity, increased economic vitality and benefits everybody.

Blue Zones is the result of years of research to better understand why residents of certain areas have the highest percentage of people who live to be a hundred and the lowest rates of chronic disease.

Research shows that almost all Americans spend 90% of their lives within 20 miles of home. By educating, informing and inspiring people to make minor changes in their lives, they will see and understand that improved total body health and longevity is possible by making simple changes in their physical and social environments.

“HonorHealth is confident that the Blue Zones Project can have a profound impact on Scottsdale and beyond, based upon the results that have been seen in other cities and counties where it has been implemented across the country,” said Michelle Pabis, vice president of government and community affairs at HonorHealth.

“By focusing on making permanent and semi-permanent changes to the Life Radius, the area close to home where people spend 90% of their lives, Blue Zones has helped communities achieve measurable improvements in its residents’ health, including double-digit drops in chronic disease rates, better health equity for all and measurable savings in healthcare costs.”

Blue Zones Project Scottsdale will address social determinants of health and encourage a wide range of simple changes that include getting more physical activity, increasing the consumption of foods and vegetables with a plant slant and making personal connections with neighbors or the community at large to promote a sense of belonging.

The multi-year project, a collaborative effort with the City of Scottsdale and co-sponsored by Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona and Cigna Medical Group, will involve the entire community working together toward one common goal to support and build a culture of community health and well-being.

The Tour de Scottsdale

As the presenting sponsor of the Tour de Scottsdale, HonorHealth continues to encourage residents to get out and stay active. On Saturday, April 13, cyclists from across the country and around the world will converge for this world-class event that includes two courses, 62 and 32 miles, winding through the beautiful Sonoran Desert of north Scottsdale.

HonorHealth team members and physicians, including CEO Todd LaPorte, will be participating or volunteering to support the event.

The event helps support the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy and countless charities around the Valley. It begins and ends at WestWorld of Scottsdale and will include an expo and post-ride celebration complete with live music, local food vendors and a beer garden.

“It became very obvious that this is something we should enthusiastically support,” Mr. LaPorte said. “This will promote conservancy as the special asset that is our city. It will promote our unity as a community and encourage fellowship around a shared experience. And it would amplify our HonorHealth mission to improve the health and well-being of those we serve.”

For more information, visit the Tour de Scottsdale website.

Helping you stay healthy and caring for you when sick, HonorHealth is a partner you can count on.

As the eighth largest employer in Arizona and home to world-class care, cutting-edge research and a trusted healthcare provider committed to your well-being, HonorHealth continues to build on its 100-year history of being a community partner you can rely on.

“These two events represent our commitment to the community to help build a healthy, vibrant place to live, work and play,” Mr. LaPorte added. “We are honored to lend our name to these exemplary events to demonstrate our commitment to go beyond the traditional expectations of a healthcare system and truly transform health and well-being.”

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