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Ballet Arizona Contemporary Council looks to instill passion for the arts

photo of ballet Arizona contemporary council members
From left are Ballet Arizona Contemporary Council members Julie Anderson, Soraya Ghebleh Keskey and Rochelle Belsito. (File Photos/

Ballet Arizona continues to expand reach into local community

Staff Reports | Digital Free Press

Ballet Arizona’s junior board, the Contemporary Council, has been created by young leaders in Phoenix to reach a new population of community members and cultivate a passion for art and dance.

Aiding in these efforts are new council members, Julie Anderson, Soraya Ghebleh Keskey and Rochelle Belsito, Ballet Arizona representatives say.

Members of the Contemporary Council work to support Ballet Arizona by fostering growth of a new generation of ballet patrons through creative fundraising, education, volunteering, and awareness, according to a press release.

Ms. Anderson works as the grants coordinator at the Flinn Foundation, a philanthropic grantmaking organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Arizona to benefit future generations.

Ms. Anderson grew up attending and performing in several theaters and performing arts centers throughout the Valley. She recalls fond memories of seeing many Ballet Arizona productions during her childhood and is thrilled to become more involved with the organization through the council.

Ms. Keskey is an alumnus of The School of Ballet Arizona, where she danced for 10 years. Ms. Keskey graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School and currently works in the Regulatory Counsel for Hims & Hers, a telehealth platform focused on stigmatized conditions.

Ms. Belsito was a dedicated dancer throughout her youth and spent her high school years in the student division of a professional ballet company. She has spent more than 15 years of her career working as a magazine editor, with 12 of those years dedicated to publications in the fine art industry. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of a magazine focused on artwork of and from the Southwest.

“The members of the Contemporary Council are passionate about serving this organization and helping spread ballet throughout our state,” said Charlotte Rheingold, chairwoman for the Contemporary Council. “We are thrilled to welcome Anderson, Keskey and Belsito to the junior board and for the fresh perspective they will bring to the organization.”

Ballet Arizona continues to expand reach into local community

The Ballet Arizona Contemporary Council creates exclusive fundraising events for Ballet Barre Young Professional Group.

“This group of dynamic leaders have truly grown the Contemporary Council program exponentially since its founding in 2018,” said Executive Director Jami Kozemczak. “Each member has brought a unique perspective to the organization with many fresh ideas, including the launch of its inaugural fashion show this fall titled Fashion & Fizz. This show will celebrate all their hard work and will honor them for their success in broadening the reach and accessibility to patrons of all ages in our community.”

The Contemporary Council is accepting new members. For more information contact Jami Kozemczak at

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