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ASU Neurodiversity STEAM festival is June 16 at Farmer Education Building

Photo of Neurodiversity STEAM festival

Neurodiversity STEAM Fest is FREE include event this June in Tempe

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The Neurodiversity Education Research Center in partnership with Arizona State University is hosting the inaugural Neurodiversity STEAM Fest to help bridge Neurodiversity in education and STEM education.

The event begins 9 a.m. Friday, June 16, starting at the ASU Farmer Education Building, 1050 S. Forest Mall in Tempe. Tempe, according to a press release.

The community is invited to enjoy a fun-filled day with activities given by instructors and event organizers who operate from the neurodiversity paradigm and have experience working with students with disabilities, including autism, the release states.

Register HERE for the complimentary opportunity for teachers, students, and parents/guardians who are invited to engage in STEAM teaching and learning.

The wearable technology and activities have been co-designed by teachers from three different Phoenix area schools, researchers at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and the School of Arts, Media, and Engineering, and the Neurodiversity Education Research Center with funding from an NSF CS for All Grant, representatives of the event report.

Some aspects of neurodiversity are often characterized as deficits in learning, but these same characteristics can also be viewed as talents which can be harnessed for STEAM problem-solving. Neurodivergent learners often bring unique strengths to STEAM problem-solving and should be encouraged and supported in their innovative ways of thinking.

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