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Arizona Digital Free Press launches Phoenix bureau with focus on City Hall

The focus of this news organization is journalism, at the Arizona Digital Free Press we will not be advocates for issues, a purveyor of right or wrong but rather a company focused on seeking the truth no matter the outcome. (File Photos/
Arizona Digital Free Press dips journalism toes into metropolitan Phoenix pool
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The Arizona Digital Free Press is a digital-only journalism organization dedicated to providing unbiased, enterprise and educational reporting on the news of the day in Arizona cities and towns.

The Arizona Digital Free Press is announcing the launch of its Phoenix bureau today, which will focus on City Hall and other issues of importance to Phoenix residents.

The core subjects to be reported by Free Press Phoenix at the Arizona Digital Free Press are:

  • Local News That Matters: This section will cover the latest news that matters with a focus on Phoenix City Hall.
  • Business & Construction: This section will provide coverage of the latest business news from around the Valley of the Suns, as well as updates on major construction projects coming to a neighborhood near you.
  • Dwellings & Multifamily: This section will offer information on the latest real estate trends in metropolitan Phoenix and throughout Arizona, as well as tips on buying and selling a home.
  • Free Press Point of View: This section will provide commentary and analysis on the latest news from Arizona.

The Arizona Digital Free Press is committed to providing unbiased, enterprise and educational reporting on the issues that matter to Phoenix residents. The organization’s Phoenix bureau will play a vital role in this mission, by providing coverage of City Hall and other issues of importance to Phoenix residents.

“We are excited to launch our Phoenix bureau and to bring our brand of digital journalism to the city of Phoenix,” said Terrance Thornton, founder of the Arizona Digital Free Press. “We believe that a strong, vibrant and Digital Free Press is essential for a healthy democracy, and we are committed to providing the people of Phoenix with the information they need to make informed decisions about their city.”

The Phoenix bureau launch will be led by Mr. Thornton, a veteran journalist with more than 15 years of experience reporting from corner to the corner of the Valley of the Sun.

“I am thrilled to be growing into a sustainable digital operation at the Arizona Digital Free Press and to get this far is not something I really believed could have actually happened. What I am really excited about is putting the finishing touches on the Digital Free Press app, which should be available for download at Google Play in the coming days,” Mr. Thornton said.

“I believe that our work will make a real difference in the lives of Phoenix residents.”

Arizona Digital Free Press is fueled by grit, determination and funding through local digital SEO and advertising campaigns. The Digital Free Press brand will remain free in perpetuity or go bankrupt, according to Mr. Thornton.

“At the Digital Free Press a core business fundamental is to create a model that illustrates the belief that everyone deserves access to quality journalism, regardless of their ability to pay,” Mr. Thornton said.

“We will continue to find new technology, approaches, funding and partnerships to continue to provide enterprise and educational journalism in the palms of all who care to read. I have heard that knowledge is power — so let’s start explaining these American themes to everyone in a way we can all understand.”

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