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Paradise Valley Town Council seeks noise mitigation guarantees amid Andaz Scottsdale negotiations

graphic rendering of Andaz Scottsdale development in Paradise Valley

Andaz Scottsdale SUP application set for May 25 public hearing

By Terrance Thornton | Digital Free Press

The gears of development grind both exceedingly slow and exceedingly fine in the Town of Paradise Valley.

Gary Stougaard is intimately aware of this fact of development life.

“I want to thank all of you for your time,” Mr. Stougaard told Paradise Valley Town Council at last night’s public hearing at Town Hall, 6401 E. Lincoln Drive. “This process has been longer than I expected, but I do appreciate the feedback — I think we are really close. I hope my neighbors know their concerns are being taken seriously.”

In the afternoon hours of Thursday, May 11, Paradise Valley Town Council was presented the latest development preparations afoot at the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows.

What is sought by Mr. Stougaard, principal of PV Hotel Venture SPE LLC — is an intermediate special use permit allowing for 10 luxury single-story guest units approximately 2,853 square feet to 5,410 square feet with private pools on a 5-acre plot of land found along Quail Run Road.

The zoning in the Town of Paradise Valley is relatively simple as the majority of the dirt is zoned residential meanwhile a handful of commercial properties exist — resorts, houses of worship and educational entities — and are regulated through what locals call “The Special Use Permit.”

Town officials report the 5-acre plot of land in question carries a residential zoning component found part of the Andaz Scottsdale Resort campus, which is 22 acres and accessible from Scottsdale Road.

Paradise Valley Town Council, in recent weeks, has held two work study discussions on the pending SUP application where local policymakers discussed certain stipulations for support of the proposed zoning entitlements.

“I have been trying to meet those requirements, we have been very sensitive to the noise issues,” Mr. Stougaard said during the public hearing. “We have significantly increased our ability to mitigate sound. I stood here about 3.5 months ago and fell on my sword and said we didn’t do a good job mitigating sound.”

Two residents who live in the adjacent neighborhoods to the Andaz Scottsdale Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows spoke during the public hearing explaining to Town Council concerns and history of complaints, but both who spoke acknowledged the efforts of Mr. Stougaard to remedy longstanding issues surrounding noise mitigation.

Paradise Valley Town Council voted to continue the public hearing to Thursday, May 25.

Andaz Scottsdale Town Council discussions

Paradise Valley Town Council deliberations revolve primarily around noise and the height of a proposed wall along the southern portion of the property. Also, Paradise Valley Vice Mayor Scott Moore continues to seek more details on the exact grade of all structures and materials to be used at the proposed site.

Paradise Valley Senior Planner George Burton provided the local governing board with an update to new iterations of the project. Those items of consideration include:

  • Guest unit utilities;
  • The southern wall;
  • Potential deed restriction prohibiting sale of the guest units;
  • Noise mitigation;
  • Lot combination; and
  • Landscape plans.

Paradise Valley Councilwoman Anna Thomasson asked directly to concerns around noise concerns.

“Noise continues to be a concern for residents,” she said asking for a clear definition of the proposed height of the southern wall. “What is it at now?”

The existing wall is 6-feet tall, Mr. Burton explained.

“We have an executed agreement to move the noise mitigation techniques to the event lawn,” she said. “Another potential noise management strategy is noise meters around the property. I don’t know if we have council consensus on that.”

Later in the discussion, Mr. Burton explained those options are being discussed with Mr. Stougaard.

“I was thinking: we are having no amplified noise for our residents?” asked Paradise Valley Councilwoman Julie Pace. “I really think [a stipulation of] no amplified music is better for the residents.”

Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, who brought the stipulation to the table, echoed comments by both Ms. Thomasson and Ms. Pace but with one clarification.

“I support the comments that have been made,” he said. “I would support [no amplification] as well. And, just for that area and nowhere else.”

Vice Mayor Moore says he would have liked to have seen a bit more detail yesterday.

“This is more like a rendering than a site plan,” he pointed out during the study session discussion. “I don’t see halfway streets, I don’t see grades… I am having a hard time with what I am supposed to be looking at to get my support.”

However, Mr. Moore did explain positive steps have been taken.

“The applicant has done good work on this,” he said of the scope and breadth of the design. “I am inclined to make a suggestion and I hope to have support is an 8-foot wall to mitigate sound. As Councilwoman Thomasson suggests this has not been part of the noise study and there is a lot of concrete there. I am encouraged by what I am seeing … from my perspective we don’t want to create something that becomes a noise issue.”

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