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Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits takes position on November ballot measures

A view of ballots carrying measures Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits has announced stances for and against
Maricopa County voter literature from previous election cycles. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress.com)

Alliance supports Prop. 211 but opposes propositions 132, 309

By Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, which merged with Arizona Grantmakers Forum in August and represents more than 1,100 nonprofit organizations across Arizona, is supporting Arizona ballot Proposition 211 but opposes propositions 132 and 309.

Each of the propositions is connected to voting issues, according to a press release.

“Following presentations for and against each of the propositions voters will decide on in November, and after careful consideration based on feedback and discussion among members of our policy council leadership and board of directors, the Alliance decided to take positions on these three propositions,” said Laurie Liles, chief public policy officer for the Alliance. “Voters face decisions on critically important propositions in November, in addition to key races for public office, and the Alliance weighs in on specific issues that strengthen the nonprofit sector and enhance philanthropic giving.”

Ms. Liles added that “the Alliance advocates for laws and initiatives that promote and expand nonprofits’ role in the civic engagement of the people of Arizona and that specifically promote and expand the registration, education and participation of voters in the democratic process.”

Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits positions on the three propositions are:

Proposition 211 – Voters’ Right to Know Act. This proposition would give Arizonans the right to know the original source of all major contributions used to pay, in whole or in part, for campaign media spending.

Alliance Position: Proposition 211 advances transparency and accountability in elections and promotes voters’ education and participation in the democratic process. The Alliance advocates for public policies that foster public understanding of the proper role of 501(c)(4) organizations in electoral politics.

Proposition 132 – Initiatives; supermajority vote; requirement. This proposition would establish a constitutional requirement of 60% voter approval rather than a majority of voters to approve an initiative or referendum that approves a tax.

Alliance Position: Proposition 132 would make citizens’ initiatives that generate revenue for public programs virtually impossible to pass and limit voters’ ability to shape economic policy. The Alliance advocates for a balanced fiscal approach that contributes to Arizona’s long-term economic growth and quality of life.

Proposition 309: Voter Identification, Affidavit; Procedure. This proposition would stipulate that any on-site early voting location or other in-person early voting location require each elector to present identification as prescribed in statute before receiving a ballot. The proposition also requires an early ballot to contain a printed affidavit that can be concealed when mailed or delivered to the county recorder or other officer in charge of elections. It also asserts that the affidavit must require the voter to provide an early voter identification number and the voter’s date of birth and signature.

Alliance Position: Proposition 309 could create barriers to voting, particularly for individuals who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized. The Alliance is especially concerned that Proposition 309 could make voting more difficult for individuals with disabilities and elderly and minority nonprofit clients.

Ms. Liles contends the position of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is on behalf of its membership.

“The Alliance advocates for inclusive public policies and works to advance internal and external processes that elevate equity and promote diverse voices in the development and implementation of public policy,” she said. “Those voices include groups and individuals who have been historically underrepresented or marginalized.”

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