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Affirm supports Gov. Hobbs’ pursuit of Title X resources

Photo of Affirm CEO
Affirm CEO Bré Thomas.

Affirm serves through sexual and reproductive health programs

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Bré Thomas, CEO at Affirm, is announcing that she fully endorses Gov. Katie Hobbs’ announcement of a $6.1 million budget allocation to protect and expand sexual and reproductive health resources in Arizona.

The funds will match the amount of Arizona’s Title X family planning grant, awarded from the federal government to Affirm since 1983, according to a press release.

Title X is the nation’s premier sexual and reproductive health program allowing individuals to access services like birth control, STI testing and treatment and preventive healthcare. The program prioritizes clients that receive low wages or are uninsured, the release states.

“Governor Hobbs’ recognizes that access to contraceptives along with sexual and reproductive healthcare is a priority,” Ms. Thomas said following Governor Hobbs’ recent address where she announced the effort.

“At Affirm, we believe people know what’s best for them. Our job is to support them as they access the care they need. By law, Title X care is to be accessible, equitable, affordable, client-centered, confidential, and high quality. Having more access to those services is critical to the health and well-being of thousands of Arizonans.”

Through Title X funding, individuals have access to voluntary sexual and reproductive health services including:

  • Reproductive health counseling and education on all FDA approved birth control methods.
  • Pregnancy testing, counseling, and resources.
  • Pelvic exams, including Pap smears.
  • Breast exams.
  • Basic infertility screening.
  • Emergency contraception.

Ms. Thomas says ensuring comprehensive health coverage is a human right.

“Affirming the dignity of the people we serve is critical to our mission,” She said. “Our job is to support them as they access the care they need.”

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