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Acclaimed author and entrepreneur Richie Norton launches new book

Photo of Richie Norton
Mr. Norton with a copy of his new book, “Anti-Time Management.”
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“Anti-Time Management” offers a new currency for paying attention

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Richie Norton, the acclaimed, award-winning author of “The Power of Starting Something Stupid,” disrupts the long-held belief that time management is the key to achieving goals, dreams and happiness with his new book, “Anti-Time Management.”

In the book, Mr. Norton presents the time-centered philosophy of “time tipping,” a fresh perspective that allows people to enjoy freedom of time, location and income by prioritizing attention rather than managing time, according to a press release.

Mr. Norton is a graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, the release states.

From great personal loss — including the death of his son and his wife’s stroke — Mr. Norton shares how he and his family live with no regrets and teaches others to do the same to reclaim their lives, live their dreams now and create professional priorities that support their personal ones.

A peek into ‘Anti-Time Management’

Some key concepts covered in the book include:

  • Project Stacking: using a single task to accomplish multiple, lucrative projects that work interdependently;
  • Work Syncing: completing work in concert with your highest goals to fulfill your purpose;
  • Expert Sourcing: designing your work around results, not means.

“Richie Norton is absolutely brilliant, and he’s done it again!” said Stephen M. R. Covey, author of “The Speed of Trust” and “Trust & Inspire.”

“This is an amazing book that is filled with breakthrough insights while simultaneously being immensely practical and immediately useful. Richie simplifies complex layers of work-life freedom that we all grapple with such that I’m already creating more space for my life, family and business in ways that inspire me, give me hope, and bring me joy, and I’m confident he can do the same for you.”

Looking to attend a book event in Phoenix? Go here.

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