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A New Year, A Fresh Start: Free career training programs for women

photo of Fresh Start
In collaboration with top educational institutions and employers, Fresh Start offers free career training opportunities, allowing women to pursue the careers of their choice. (File Photos/DigitalFreePress)

Fresh Start offers new career training programs free of charge

Staff Reports | Digital Free Press

As the curtain rises on a New Year, Fresh Start, a Phoenix-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women on their journeys to self-sufficiency, is celebrating the success of its career training programs in 2023 and offering exciting opportunities in 2024.

Fresh Start has a more than 30-year history of serving women in greater Phoenix, and the launch of its Impact Program in 2022 brought an expanded strategic focus on education, training, and career placement, according to a press release.

The goal is for women to gain in-demand job skills in the fastest-growing sectors of Arizona’s economy so they can earn wages at a self-sufficient level, support themselves and their children and grow their earnings and career over time, the release states.

“Enrolling in a Fresh Start training program offers women more than just valuable skills development and personalized career support. At Fresh Start, women connect with and are empowered by other women, building an inspiring sisterhood and support network as they collectively work towards new career paths and achieving their personal and professional goals,” said Adriana Arroyo, Director of Education at Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

“We have so many exciting opportunities for women in 2024!”

In collaboration with top educational institutions and employers, Fresh Start offers free career training opportunities, allowing women to pursue the careers of their choice. The array of training programs provides flexibility, with education advisors serving as guides, assisting women in charting a course that aligns with their goals.

Upon successful completion of the training programs, women have direct access to career and resume assistance and hiring employers, facilitating a seamless transition into the workforce.

Tennessee Jackson, once at the brink of despair, is a testament to the transformative power of Fresh Start’s programs. From homelessness and adversity, Tennessee emerged as a resilient force, rebuilding her life with the support and tools provided by Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

“When I found Fresh Start, my life was far from what I had imagined. An abusive relationship, homelessness, and separation from my children had left me almost out of hope,” Ms. Jackson says.

“But with the support, tools, and sisterhood at Fresh Start, I rebuilt my life. ‘I can do this—I will do this,’ became the new voice in my head. Today, I am proud of my journey, thankful for Fresh Start’s support, which led me to my career at Intel, and empowered to be the hero of my own story.”

Fresh Start’s commitment to empowering women and providing them with the tools for a fresh start is evident in the resounding success of more than 16 career training programs and opportunities offered this past year.

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