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The 100 Club Arizona receives $4.8M commitment from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation

photo of statue representing the 100 club of Arizona
The grant program over three years will provide funding to a number of 100 Club of Arizona programs including mental health services for families of fallen officers. (Photo: Arianna Grainey/
The 100 Club Arizona to use funds over 3 years to serve families of fallen officers
Staff Reports | Digital Free Press

The 100 Club of Arizona is announcing the The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has issued an up to $4.8 million grant over the next three years.

The funds will help further the organization’s mission of supporting first responders and their families who have experienced trauma and loss in the line of duty, as well as support capacity building programs for the organization, officials there say.

“We’ve witnessed a rise in mental health issues in basically every community across our country,” said Bob Parsons, co-founder, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation, in a prepared statement. “Renee and I believe our first responders are among the most impacted. This grant will allow the 100 Club of Arizona to expand its mental health treatment support, training and financial assistance to first responders and their families.”

The grant will provide funding over a three-year period to the following 100 Club of Arizona programs and initiatives:

  • Mental Health & Trauma Support which includes underwriting mental health treatment for first responders in need, including counseling, hyperbaric therapy, ketamine therapy, and stellate ganglion block procedures, etc.
  • PEER 100 which includes training & resources geared towards those specifically coping with PTSD and other hazards of the job along with the 100 Club’s Bulletproof & Fireproof wellness apps, which allow first responders to access resources and tools on demand from any smart device.
  • Critical Incident Support including cash grants through the H.E.R.O.S. program which ensures first responders experiencing a catastrophic life event such as cancer, terminal illness or death of a child or spouse have financial assistance. This program also includes support for on duty injury, as well as financial and wellness support for spouses and children of fallen first responders.
  • Capacity Building to support the 100 Club of Arizona’s organizational infrastructure to enhance growth and improve long term sustainability.
  • Death & Injury Prevention which includes Safety Enhancement Stipends (S.E.S.) for police and fire departments across the state to purchase equipment and supplies that further the safety of their members and general operations.

The 100 Club Arizona to use funds over 3 years to serve families of fallen officers

“Supporting the brave individuals who put our community first every day is a priority for us,” said Renee Parsons, co-founder, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. “We want first responders and their families to know the community cares about them and is grateful for everything they do to keep us safe.”

The 100 Club of Arizona provides support to public safety agencies, their members and families statewide. Most recently, services have expanded beyond financial assistance to include funding for enhanced safety equipment, confidential mental health services and scholarships.

“As we draw near to 9/11, we are reminded how our first responders continually put our community’s well-being before their own,” said Angela Harrolle, CEO and president of the 100 Club of Arizona. “We are honored to be the backup to our officers, firefighters and their families, through the ups and downs of a challenging career.”

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